Through the winter months things in the underground industry start to slow down.  In fact, some cases they downright stop.  This is a time to reflect on a strong year in the past and start to wonder about the upcoming year. 

I’d like to sit here and tell everyone how great it’s going to be and make everyone feel warm and fuzzy; but that just doesn’t settle with me.  See, with the way the economy is working, there’s no telling what is to come.  But, as I try to stay positive I can tell you that this upcoming year should be better than the past. 

With Michigan’s economy headed on an upward slope and the talk of a new bridge to Canada that is supposed to kick start the jobs in Michigan; I’m anticipating a prosperous year.  I believe it’s important to stay positive and keep on knocking on doors, making cold calls and keeping a relative relationship with your customers.  Finding new customers can be tough, but they are out there. 

I have a gut feeling that the rental side of the industry will stay strong and only grow, especially with steel prices on the rise.  I also believe staying consistent with the day to day operations will prove to the end users that you’re here for the long haul. 

 The important thing in a slow time is to stay positive and be prepared for when construction in your area takes off.  Being unprepared and having a negative attitude is detrimental to a company.  So it’s good to anticipate a change in the winds, just be ready when it happens.