While I trained 3 new sales people today, I told them a story about when I was looking for a new dealer in theCincinnatiarea and it went something like this:

I was looking for a new dealer in the Cincinnati area several years ago.  Not knowing anyone in the area I called on several of the larger underground construction contractors in the area.  One contractor, who will remain nameless, when asked who he used for his trench shoring needs replied “well this is really rocky ground around here and we don’t really need trench shoring.”  I thought about it for a minute and asked if he was concerned about OSHA catching them doing something illegal.  His reply was that OSHA didn’t have much of a presence in that particular region of the country.  I then said “so you never have any cave-ins in this area”?  He replied with…”Oh no, we have several deaths a year due to cave-ins”.  I just looked at him and he turned red and said “well, maybe we do need to start using trench boxes”.

Just because a tragedy has never happened to you or your company doesn’t mean that it can’t or won’t.