First let’s cover what Rumble Grids are.  They are a manufactured item that is designed is such away to do two things, first, when the Rumble Grids are driven over, they create enough vibration to dislodge dirt and debris from the under-bodies of the vehicles that drive over them, and second, they spread the treads of the tires enough to dislodge any rocks, pebbles or dirt.

So, why do you want to use Rumble Grids?  There are a few reasons, but the first is probably the most compelling, they will save you money.  That’s right, they will save you money.  Rumble Grids can be used in place of crushed stone, they also remove the need for a street cleaner, or broom attachment that cleans up the track-out left by trucks as they leave the job-site.

Additional reasons you want to use Rumble Grids, they are AASHTO-HS20-44 Rated.  The Rumble Grids are portable (unlike crushed stone), reusable and virtually maintenance free.  Do you need another reason?  Ok, how about, they are spec’d in by Wal-Mart new store construction and existing store rehabs.

Now the question is, how do you get your hands on them?  Either contact your local Pro-Tec Equipment dealer (click here) or contact Pro-Tec Equipment directly and we will get you the information that you need.