The Year That Was…

First and foremost, we at Pro-Tec Equipmet would like to say “Thank you!”  2010 ended up being a better year than we had thought it was going to be.  We honestly could not have do it without your support!

2010 was an interesting year for Pro-Tec Equipment.  As you are well aware, we consolidated our manufacturing arm and it is now under the AMI (Armstrong Manufacturing Inc.) banner.  Many of you voiced you concerns over this.  Believe me, many of your concerns were echoed from within as well.  Admittedly, there were some bumps and bruises at the beginning of all this, and some items did not go as well as planned.  However,  we are proud to say that a majority of the  issues have been worked out, and we are confident in and will stand behind that fact that we will be able to meet the two week production window that you are accustomed to from Pro-Tec Equipment.

2010 seemed to be the year of the re-rental.  This was our biggest year ever for rentals.  We encourage you all, where it is logistically feasible, to take advantage of our rental fleet.  We do have three different rental yards in Michigan that are here to serve you and our local contractors.   So there will be times that we won’t have exactly what you may be looking for, however, we do stock many alternatives that may work just as good (18’ long shields are a good alternate to 16’ long trench shields).

All in all, 2010 was a dramatically different year than what 2009 was.  All that is really left to be said is that WE thank you very much and look forward to working with you in 2011 to make that a much better year than 2010!

The Year That Will Be…

2011, what does this year have in store for Pro-Tec?  That, is a great question!  A few things are coming down the pipes, so to speak.  Pro-Tec will be exhibiting at the CONEXPO show this year, Booth S-11233, if you are in Las Vegas, NV from March 22nd—26th, be sure to spot at the booth.  Also, at CONEXPO, Pro-Tec Equipment will be hosting two 1.5 hour long training sessions.  The first 1.5 hour session will cover the Pro-Tec Slide Rail Shoring system.  The second 1.5 hour session will cover federal O.S.H.A..  These sessions are    going to be held on Thursday, March 24th in the south Hall.  You are welcomed to bring your self and your customers to these sessions!

Pro-Tec is also going to have 3 dealer schools this year.  The first of which will be around the last week in April.  We will let you know more when the dates are confirmed.   Along with that, we will be sending out a short survey again this year, it is going to be about 15 questions long.  This survey is used to get a better feel as to what is going on in the world.
Now, on to items that would fall into the “new for 2011” category…

  • Pro-Tec website, I know this is not a “new” thing, but we are in the process of implementing two releases that should make the site more useful to inside sales staff as well as outside sales staff.
    • The first release is going to take place near the end of March or beginning of April.  This will allow you to do quotes of standard equipment directly from the website.  You will need to log on to the site, just like you do to access the tabulated data files.
    • The second release is going to be an update of the website that will allow you to view the website correctly from any mobile device.  This will allow those outside sales reps to have complete access to all the information on the website.
  • We are in the final process of R & D with a Tubular Street Plate (SPT).  This street plate is lighter than it’s solid plate counterpart (5’ x 10’ SPT is about 1,000 lbs lighter), it is also 1.5” thick, as opposed to the 1” thickness of the solid plate.  We have a few that are currently out and being tested.  Once we get some solid feedback we will be able to do a full release of prices and limitations of them.

We do have a few other irons in the fire, however, currently they are not yet to be announced for the 2011 year.

All of us here at Pro-Tec Equipment would like to wish you a Happy New Year and we are hoping that we can make it an extremely successful and prosperous one!